Mazda nb mx-5 conversion with RX-8 13B High power renesis rotary engine.

Mx5 rebuilt in 2010 approximately 35,000km ago, most parts were either brand new or reconditioned at the time of fitment. As any true car enthusiast will understand how many countless hours have gone into this well engineered conversion with some of the finest products on the market. It has got the appropriate blue plates and is Queensland registered.

Below is listed some of the items used in the conversion:

* Factory 6 Port High Power 13B Renesis Rotary Engine

* Hybrid 12A Turbo Gearbox

* Walbro Fuel Pump

* Sard Fuel Pressure Regulator

* Custom Air Filter Box

* Motec M800 - Drive By Wire, Oil Meetering & Engine Valves operating as programmed to an Rx8

* Fully customized engine fitment

* All proffessional workmanship carried out

* Reworked Air Conditioning system

* Mazda Manual Steering Rack

* Racing Beat USA RX8 Exhaust System components in unique stainless steel pipe sizes - Customized

* Custom Stainless Steel Catalytic Convertor

* 4.625 Diff Gears

* Torsen 2 Differential

* NB8b  Front Nose

* Garage Vary Front Lip

* NB8b Brake upgrade

* NB8b Seats

* Twin Hoop Roll Bar, professional toque box system customized & chrome plated

* Speed Racer Rear Deck Lid

* Fuel & Oil Pressure and Temperature Warning Lights intergrated into instrument cluster

* Re calibrated electronic Speedo

* Fully Adjustable Tein Suspension

* Strut Brace

* SSR SP1 Professor wheels staggered 7x16 & 8x16 +26 

* Falken Tyres 205/45/16 & 225/40/16

* Powder coated black Side Bars

* Rx7 Fc series 5 Oil Cooler

* Custom plumbing work

* QLD Modification Plates

* Razo Gear Knob

* Lightweight Flywheel 

* Heavy Duty High Torque Clutch assembly

* K&N Air Filter

* Adjustable Camber Bushings

* RX8 Drive By Wire Accelerator Pedal

* FC RX7 series 5 non turbo Starter Motor

* Hard Top

* Optima Yellow Top Battery 870ca/750cca

* Garage Vary style Vented Bonnet

* Original ECU

* Can supply Modified 6P Renesis Engine with Race Preped Rotors (if desired)

* Can supply new Garrett styled GT35r Turbo (if desired)

* Only ever used Mazda Rotary Engine Oil 

* Shell V Power always used

* Although being built to perform it has never been raced

Asking Price is sensible offers over $20,000 as to duplicate, would cost well in excess of $30,000.


Speed Garage  

​Mr Rotary