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CUSTOM TWIN TURBO package, 400+bhp

Speed Garage  

Custom twin Turbo package (approx. 400BHP @ 12psi) and includes:
* 2x Hybrid 12A/13B Turbos, 
* Garrett Waste Gate (with screamer pipe), 
* Custom Twin Turbo Exhaust Manifold, 
* Custom Twin Turbo dump pipes & Exhaust section, 3.5" (the first section to about midway under car) 
* Oil drain back pipes
* Oil feed pipework
* first section of pipework from turbos to intercooler. (no intercooler as pictured as old photo).
the above cost me more than double the advertised price. Also I will throw in: 2 Blow Off Valves, Turbo Smart Boost Solenoid, boost Gauge, and a Series 4 (FC) modified turbo Inlet Manifold & FCD. 
Custom TWIN TURBO package only: (NO ENGINE - Engine is for illustration purpose only but is available separately).
Originally fabricated to suite RX7 Fc but will fit others like RX4, RX5, RX7 series 1,2,3,4,5 & other conversions. (please check for individual fitments).
I am selling up all my rotary parts so will probably list many more items soon!

TWIN TURBO package:          $2.000.00